Professional Concealed Handgun Instruction - DPS Certified / NRA Certified Instructor
Serving the Greater Houston Texas Metropolitan Area.  
Over 1500 CHL Graduates - 281-740-0130 /

This Is the Official Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing Class

Choose From Dates At Two Class Locations: 
1. The Marksma
n Range  
507 Nebraska Street, South Houston, TX  

2. CHL-Training's Home Office 
Stafford, Texas 

To Register For Your Class, Send An Email To:

Saturday, October 25th - 9:00 AM -  MARKSMAN RANGE - SORRY! FULL CLASS

Wednesday, October 15th - 8:00 AM
Saturday, October 25th - 2:00 PM - MARKSMAN RANGE
Saturday, November 1st - 9:00 AM - MARKSMAN RANGE
Saturday, November 1st - 2 PM - MARKSMAN RANGE

 Wednesday, November 5th - 8:00 AM -  STAFFORD
Saturday November 15th - 9:00 AMMARKSMAN RANGE
Wednesday, November 19th - 8:00 AM - STAFFORD
Saturday, December 6th - 9:00 AMMARKSMAN RANGE
Wednesday, December 10th - 8:00 AM - STAFFORD

Marksman Range Classes

Please Do Not Call The Marksman Range. 
For Questions, Call at 281-740-0130.  
Class and Shooting Proficiency Are Both Held 
at the Marksman Range - Class Size / 50 Students


Stafford, Texas Classes
 8AM - 1:15 PM 
Class Size / 10 Students
 Classroom Portion is in Stafford, Texas 
Shooting Proficiency Is Held Immediately After Class 
The Marksman Range in South Houston, TX



                        There Are 3 Elements To Getting A CHL...

1. Make an Application with the Department of Public Safety - $142  The DPS gives

discounts to Veterans, Seniors and others. You can check out the discounts and apply

online at:   

  After Making an Application With the DPS You Are then Allowed to Schedule Your 


Required Fingerprinting at a Houston area "Identogo" Location - $10.43.  Identogo will

email your fingerprints to the DPS... You must have made your CHL Application With the

DPS First Before Scheduling Your Fingerprints.

3. Complete

the required CHL Licensing Class (this class) - $70.  The Shooting

Proficiency Test Is Held at the Marksman Range in South Houston, TX - $15 Range Fee.

You may take this CHL Class either Before or After Applying For Your CHL Application

With the DPS.

For Information on the Steps to Get a CHL Go To:       


                             Register For Your Class                                                 
Send an Email to 
  With Your Name/s and the Date of Your Choice.

Please Pay With A Charge Card, Using the PayPal Buttons Below.

 Once Your PayPal Payment Is Recieved You Will Recieve a Confirmation Email.

$15 Marksman Range Fee Not Included. 



*Included In the Class:

1. The New Texas 4 Hour CHL Training Class 
2. FREE Use of a Gun If You Don't Have a Gun to Qualify
3. All Required Paperwork Needed To Get Your CHL
4. Required Eye & Ear Protection
5. Official B-27 Target Required For Qualifying
6. Certified Texas CHL & NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
7. Ongoing Support and Monthly Newsletter 

**Not Included In The Classes:  
The Marksman Range Fee of $15, the $142 DPS CHL Application Fee, The Cost of Ammunition and the $10.43 Identogo Fingerprinting Fee. You May Bring Your Own Ammunition. Ammunition Is Available At the Marksman Range If Needed. No Re-loaded Ammunition Allowed.


Please Pay With A Credit Card 
Using the PayPal Buttons Below 
 A Confirmation Email Will Be Sent To You.
$15 Marksman Range Fee Is Not Included.

CHL Class For One Student - $70 


CHL Class For Two Students - $140



Costs For A New, First Time Applicant would be:
1. The CHL Class Held by - $70.
2. The DPS CHL Application Fee - $142 
3. The Identogo Fingerprinting Fee - $10.43
4.  The Marksman Range Fee - $15 

Approximate Total Cost of the Four = $238
** (Due to the varying costs, Ammunition is not included in the above 
**Please note: The regular DPS application fee is $140.  Current or recently discharged military within 1 year are not charged a DPS application fee.  Senior citizens of 60+ pay $70 and Veterans pay $25 for the DPS application fee.  The total cost example above of getting your CHL is based on the $142 fee.  If you are current military, senior citizen or a Veteran, your cost to get a CHL will be lower than the $238 example above.

Customer Comments: 

July 21st Class / Glen, thank you for an enjoyable and educational experience.  I expected a dry, by-the-numbers, four-hour class.  You covered all the academic material thoroughly, but your personal experiences and advice added a great deal to the value of the class, especially in preparing to deal with real-world situations.  If ever you need a testimonial or a recommendation, count me in.  Thanks again for a very informative day.  -Jay

*  In 24 years in public education, we have attended thousands of training sessions, conferences, and meetings and I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced any conference where every single piece of information was 100% relevant to me. I have now!
Thank you for the commitment of your time, expertise, and willingness to train us in protecting ourselves. We pray that we never have to use that training.  

* The instructor seemed to have a real passion for what he does. Everyone in the class was treated very well, whether they were experienced "gun people" or had no experience at all. He not only taught about the law, but added a lot of other valuable info concerning personal safety. I highly recomend Glen's class for your CHL training.

* The class was very informative and the Instructor explained everything very thoroughly. I would definately recommend this class to everybody.

* The class was really good and the instructor was very knowledgeable along with entertaining enough to keep everyone on track during the entire class. He made it where you really wanted to be there and learn the values of CHL. My wife and I are very glad that we attended.
PLEASE NOTE * Uses, But Is Not Associated With The Marksman Indoor Range.
Please Do Not Call The Marksman Range With Questions About the Class.
 Call Us At: 281-740-0130. Thanks.




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